Saturday, June 7, 2008


Saw the ortho on Thurs and i have a date for the removal of my braces! Its the .......(drum roll) ...... 28th August 2008.

Ok so its still quite a while, but things need time to settle after the plate removal. Im very very excited and as orginally i was quoted up to 18 months in braces after op, i cant complain at all.

Im getting Essix retainers, was kinda hoping for un-removable ones as i think in the long run thered be easier to get used to. But hey all i can do is see how it goes.

One tooth is not in the right place, a back molar. But due to my previous jaw problems (unrelated to this) me and the ortho decided to call it a day and give up trying. Its not the end of the world after all ive been through. ANd the last thing i want to risk is any more damage to my jaw bone.

Am feeling pretty good, and still keeping my fingers tightly crossed that the infection is gone. Mark (the surgeon-im on 1st name terms now! lol) is keeping a close eye on me, and im due back there in 2 and half weeks as things still not 100% right. May need another very small op, as there is a major amount of scar tissue right near the muscle on the left side, im guessing from having the same place opened up twice so quickly and im still chewing my cheek on that side as a result of this.

So all being well by the end of the summer ill be brace free, and all this will be behind me-i cant wait!

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