Sunday, May 18, 2008

Plate Removal gone ahead - yipee :)

So heres an update on the 14th May i had my lower left plate removed, along with the 4 screws that was holding it in place. The proceedure involves the cutting open of the same incision line as before, unscrewing and removal of the plate and then cleaning out of the cavity and re-stitching. The main risks were, swelling (yep theres alot of that), infection and bleeding, with no real risk of nerve damage this time.

The operation itself went well, i told the anesthetist that i was nervous after the bad experiences 1st time round and he arranged for me to have a sedative before the op. So at 12.20 i was walked down to the operating theatre (which in itself seemed less scary than being wheeled down there). There i had the needley thing (shunt?) put into my arm and the sedative was injected in, then i had the heart monitors etc all placed on whilst i happily chatted to the anesthetist about who knows what! I dont even remember them giving me the anaesthetic itself. All the operating staff were fantastic and did all they could to make me feel better.

The next thing i remember is waking up in recovery. With a drip in my arm and an oxygen mask over my mouth. Strangely i noticed that the 1st time i looked at the clock it was 3.30, so not too sure if i was in theatre a long time or didnt wake up too well. I laid there kind of drifting in and out of consciousness for a while, then the anaesthetist from the op came to check on me.

Eventually the oxygen mask was removed and so was the drip and i was allowed to sit up on a chair. I decided i really needed the loo, so off i wobbled to find it! Pain wise it wasnt too bad at this point as id also had local anesthetic injections before waking up. I was allowed home, after id shown i could drink and discharged to my boyfriends care.

The rest of that day i pretty much just slept.


Woke up feeling pretty swollen and sore, with a huge sore patch on the side of my mouth. The swelling was already worse than id expected and opening my mouth nearly impossible. But over all i didnt feel too bad. Another day of icepacks and pretty much watching tv and sleeping.


Woke up feeling really shivery and hot at same time, got up to go to loo and felt so ill had to drag myself back to bed. My face was really swollen and bright red. Eventually i took my temperature and it was very high, so i called the hospital and they told me to go to a and e. Off i went and eventaully saw the max facial doctor, who wanted to admit me and put me on intervenous antibiotics, i agreed to this, but then at the last minute he decided to give me an antibiotic injection and more antibiotics to take at home. I was pleased to get to go home. But the fact the infection still remains is obviously a huge worry. Fingers crossed the antibiotics will do there job and quickly.

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Katherine said...

Hi, Loulou :) Found your blog link on the archwired site and have enjoyed (if that's the right word for it!) getting up-to-date with your adventures thus far.

Oh, my goodness you're on a bit of a roller coaster ordeal right now. Sure hope you're feeling better and they've FIANLLY gotten the infection under control.

Take care :)