Thursday, October 30, 2008

All still well

Everythings going well, the retainers have been fine and i dont really think about them now. Still having some TMJ issues, but am desperately trying to help them get better on there own, rather than go down the medication route.

Did need 2 small fillings but they were both on the troublesome side of my mouth, so have put it down to this. Still as i had trouble opening my mouth for weeks, im not too worried by this and it couldve been much worse.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Realised not updated for ages! :(

So its now over 7 months since op and the braces are off!! (been off for a while-oops)

They came off on the 28th August 2008. It wasnt the most pleasant of experiances, if im honest. i had some pain from one of my banded teeth, but the rest came of pretty easily.

Firstly the bands were loosened, and then the brackets were removed, which sounded much worse than it felt, then the bands were removed and the whole lot came off in 2 pieces (one upper, one lower.) Then came an industrial scale cleaning to remove all the cement etc. This was ok. Then i had impressions taken for the retainers and i was on my way. As soon as i was outside i checked out my teeth and they looked absolutely HUGE! But i was very happy with the results.

In the afternoon, i went back for the fitting of my Essix retainer. These were not as uncomfy as i expected, tho the 1st night i was not a fan of them and uttered the imortal words "i want my braces back!"-shocking i know, but sadly true.

I soon got used to the retainers tho, and its fab having naked teeth during the day. No more stuck food :) :) :)

Only downside for me is that, im getting TMJ issues again, im clenching and grinding badly and in quite alot of pain at times. My jaw opening movement is also pretty bad and its at a maximum of 2 fingers still.

But even with this and everything else ive been through, im so happy with my new smile, its done my confidence SO much good. Im sure the pain issues will resolve themselves after a while. Ive got a joint clinic appointment with the ortho and surgeon next thursday, so will see what they have to say about it then, as there has been mention of either muscle relaxants or a bite plate, to get me out of this habit for good.

Heres a pic:
Am very happy with my smile, my teeth look great! :)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thought id add some new pics.

Well its been 4 months (ish) since jaw op, 4 weeks (ish) since plate removal and 2 years (ish) of braces, so i thought i should add some pics of where i am now. (not literally as im sitting at dining room table, so not too interesting! lol)

This is a pic taken with my boyfriend, there is still some puffiness, but the majority of the swelling is gone :)

This pic shows that both sides of my face are pretty much the same size now, for the 1st time in 4 months! Theres still abit of swelling visable on the right on this pic (tho in real life its on the left)

Saturday, June 7, 2008


Saw the ortho on Thurs and i have a date for the removal of my braces! Its the .......(drum roll) ...... 28th August 2008.

Ok so its still quite a while, but things need time to settle after the plate removal. Im very very excited and as orginally i was quoted up to 18 months in braces after op, i cant complain at all.

Im getting Essix retainers, was kinda hoping for un-removable ones as i think in the long run thered be easier to get used to. But hey all i can do is see how it goes.

One tooth is not in the right place, a back molar. But due to my previous jaw problems (unrelated to this) me and the ortho decided to call it a day and give up trying. Its not the end of the world after all ive been through. ANd the last thing i want to risk is any more damage to my jaw bone.

Am feeling pretty good, and still keeping my fingers tightly crossed that the infection is gone. Mark (the surgeon-im on 1st name terms now! lol) is keeping a close eye on me, and im due back there in 2 and half weeks as things still not 100% right. May need another very small op, as there is a major amount of scar tissue right near the muscle on the left side, im guessing from having the same place opened up twice so quickly and im still chewing my cheek on that side as a result of this.

So all being well by the end of the summer ill be brace free, and all this will be behind me-i cant wait!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Plate Removal gone ahead - yipee :)

So heres an update on the 14th May i had my lower left plate removed, along with the 4 screws that was holding it in place. The proceedure involves the cutting open of the same incision line as before, unscrewing and removal of the plate and then cleaning out of the cavity and re-stitching. The main risks were, swelling (yep theres alot of that), infection and bleeding, with no real risk of nerve damage this time.

The operation itself went well, i told the anesthetist that i was nervous after the bad experiences 1st time round and he arranged for me to have a sedative before the op. So at 12.20 i was walked down to the operating theatre (which in itself seemed less scary than being wheeled down there). There i had the needley thing (shunt?) put into my arm and the sedative was injected in, then i had the heart monitors etc all placed on whilst i happily chatted to the anesthetist about who knows what! I dont even remember them giving me the anaesthetic itself. All the operating staff were fantastic and did all they could to make me feel better.

The next thing i remember is waking up in recovery. With a drip in my arm and an oxygen mask over my mouth. Strangely i noticed that the 1st time i looked at the clock it was 3.30, so not too sure if i was in theatre a long time or didnt wake up too well. I laid there kind of drifting in and out of consciousness for a while, then the anaesthetist from the op came to check on me.

Eventually the oxygen mask was removed and so was the drip and i was allowed to sit up on a chair. I decided i really needed the loo, so off i wobbled to find it! Pain wise it wasnt too bad at this point as id also had local anesthetic injections before waking up. I was allowed home, after id shown i could drink and discharged to my boyfriends care.

The rest of that day i pretty much just slept.


Woke up feeling pretty swollen and sore, with a huge sore patch on the side of my mouth. The swelling was already worse than id expected and opening my mouth nearly impossible. But over all i didnt feel too bad. Another day of icepacks and pretty much watching tv and sleeping.


Woke up feeling really shivery and hot at same time, got up to go to loo and felt so ill had to drag myself back to bed. My face was really swollen and bright red. Eventually i took my temperature and it was very high, so i called the hospital and they told me to go to a and e. Off i went and eventaully saw the max facial doctor, who wanted to admit me and put me on intervenous antibiotics, i agreed to this, but then at the last minute he decided to give me an antibiotic injection and more antibiotics to take at home. I was pleased to get to go home. But the fact the infection still remains is obviously a huge worry. Fingers crossed the antibiotics will do there job and quickly.

Monday, April 21, 2008

10 weeks after surgery :)

So its a full 10 weeks ago, since i was laying in high dependancy with my friendly morphine pump! The jaw surgery doesnt seem that bad, now, looking back on it. Not sure id go through it again, but guess having the plate removed will bring back all the happy memories! LOL

Feel fed up today, as hate the feeling lifes on hold now until the next op. Really wanted to go to disney before op, but cant find any cheap packages, till the week of my op, which is just bloody typical.

Ive been abit naughty in the last few days and have been biting on my front teeth. It felt really really weird as its been 10 weeks since i chewed anything and ive never been able to bite on my front teeth as over jet was so bad. Doesnt seem to have done me any harm and its a boost to my morale at least.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Got my date for Plate removal : ) yay!!

Saw my surgeon today and he booked me in to have my plates taken out on the 14th May. Am so so happy to have an actual date, which seems really really odd, but its just a huge relief to know its all gonna be over soon.

Am already scared about the general anesethic, but am hoping as its a quicker operation than the original that the anesethic used will be different and i wont have a bad reaction to it. Fingers crossed anyways.

My surgeon was really nice today, and for the 1st time he actually managed to make out where the pus was coming out from, as before the infection has been very visable from the outside, but not from the inside. Now a bubble has become apparent in the crease of my cheek, which the pus erupts from when it can no longer be contained inside.

Realised i hadnt posted any pics of how my teeth look now, so this is one from the front of my teeth complete with guiding elastics:
The swelling is not too evident on this pic, but its still there, tho it has gone done after taking the antibiotics.
Im very very happy with my bite so far!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Wisdom tooth gone...finally

Had an appointment with the ortho on thursday, so as my face was swelling i called the hospital and asked if i could see one of the surgical team at the same time.

I saw Mark, (another surgeon) first and he said that he wants the plates (yep thats right both of them), out now asap. He gave me some really strong antibiotics that app can make your tummy pretty unwell, so im drinking probiotic drinks like there going out of fashion! The antibiotics are actually used in the treatment of mrsa, so am bit worried theres something hes not telling me. Spoke to him about the wisdom tooth removal and he still seemed pretty sure he could do it, but left the final decision up to me. Hes made the actual surgeon who preformed the op, squeeze me into his clinic on thursday, so that the removal of the plates can be scheduled.

Then on to the ortho, she took the surgical hooks etc off the bottom jaw, which was pretty painful, but nice to get them removed. Then she put a powerchain on the front 6 top teeth, as some gaps had opened up there. The ortho appointment went well and i get the feeling theres just some "tidying up" left to do now.


Mark got me staight into surgery as he didnt want to make me any more nervous, sitting about. The anesethic went in realitively easily, tho the one into the roof of my mouth was bit nasty. Then he said he was just poking to see if the anesethic was working, which i realised in one place it wasnt, as i could feel it, so another injection later and feeling like the inside of my mouth was huge, on he went. He claimed to just be "pushing" the tooth, to see the condition of it etc, but as the pain in my lower jaw got pretty bad, he stopped for a few seconds and i could tell that he was actually trying to remove the tooth, as i could taste the blood. There was then a few seconds of extreme pushing, which wasnt nice but didnt hurt either (tho i was in serious pain from the lower jaw) and then it was over. It turned out that he had been unable to use the normal method if extraction, as i just couldnt open my mouth enough, so had to dig the tooth out.

Then came the gauze, which was ok, tho a nightmare for him to remove from my braces! And the bleeding wasnt too bad at all. As they sat me up i felt faint, and went a funny colour, so i was quickly layed back down, and wet towels were placed on my head and face as i was REALLY hot. Laid there for a few minutes, then they gradually sat me up, and this time i felt ok. I was shown the tooth, which was massive. Then they kept me there abit longer to check i was ok, and let me stand up, whilst the doc held his arms out to catch me if i fainted! lol. :)

Once i got home, i slept for a couple of hours. The pains not been to bad, but the lower jaws hurting too.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My incredible swelling face....

Well, day by day my face seems to be getting bigger (more swollen that is, not just larger lol!) cant imagine how there going to take my wisdom tooth out on friday Very Confused and too be honest in the last few days im getting pretty fed up by it all. Guess its not helped by the fact im pretty scared about friday, know its abit silly after all ive had done but just have a mental issue with tooth removal, that ive had since childhood.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

The wrong tooth!!

Have only just calmed down enough to write this......

Went to the hospital on 27th march for two appointments, one with the surgeon and one the ortho.


It has become apparent that the wrong tooth was taken out, he didnt just forget to take out the tooth on the left side, he actually took the right one out instead. To say im anoyed is a understatement right now. So now im scheduled into have the tooth removed with a local anethsethic on the 11th April. Im crapping myself, as i have a real phobia of extractions (even after all ive been through, its still the thought of an extraction that gets me!) the surgeon tried to deny it too, which anoyed me more. He said perhaps id had the tooth taken out before and id forgotton ?????? but when i asked to see the xrays it was clear, that 3 weeks before the op the tooth was there, and 3 days after it was gone. And im doubting it just dropped out by itself lol.

The plate still needs removing, but the bone has not begun to heal as of yet. So it has to remain in for now (or ill need to be wired shut which me and the surgeon seem keen to avoid) have another app in few weeks, with strict instructions to return if it becomes any more swollen. And my orthos keeping an eye on it too.

Good news (yep there is some) is that the tight bands have been removed and now im in guiding elastics! Yippee!! Its a huge relief, tho im paranoid that the lower jaws moving back (at least i hope im paranoid)


Orthodontically things are still looking good, but my ROM (range of motion) in my jaw, is not as good as it was 2 weeks ago. App this is properly due to the swelling and being banded shut means i havent been able to use my jaw muscles much, so i have to practice this. Im still grinding and clenching very very badly, so i have to bring this up with my surgeon on the 11th as it looks likely i need either some sort of bite plate or something to calm me at night.