Sunday, March 30, 2008

The wrong tooth!!

Have only just calmed down enough to write this......

Went to the hospital on 27th march for two appointments, one with the surgeon and one the ortho.


It has become apparent that the wrong tooth was taken out, he didnt just forget to take out the tooth on the left side, he actually took the right one out instead. To say im anoyed is a understatement right now. So now im scheduled into have the tooth removed with a local anethsethic on the 11th April. Im crapping myself, as i have a real phobia of extractions (even after all ive been through, its still the thought of an extraction that gets me!) the surgeon tried to deny it too, which anoyed me more. He said perhaps id had the tooth taken out before and id forgotton ?????? but when i asked to see the xrays it was clear, that 3 weeks before the op the tooth was there, and 3 days after it was gone. And im doubting it just dropped out by itself lol.

The plate still needs removing, but the bone has not begun to heal as of yet. So it has to remain in for now (or ill need to be wired shut which me and the surgeon seem keen to avoid) have another app in few weeks, with strict instructions to return if it becomes any more swollen. And my orthos keeping an eye on it too.

Good news (yep there is some) is that the tight bands have been removed and now im in guiding elastics! Yippee!! Its a huge relief, tho im paranoid that the lower jaws moving back (at least i hope im paranoid)


Orthodontically things are still looking good, but my ROM (range of motion) in my jaw, is not as good as it was 2 weeks ago. App this is properly due to the swelling and being banded shut means i havent been able to use my jaw muscles much, so i have to practice this. Im still grinding and clenching very very badly, so i have to bring this up with my surgeon on the 11th as it looks likely i need either some sort of bite plate or something to calm me at night.

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