Sunday, March 9, 2008

Cant believe its a month

this time four weeks ago i was crapping myself, as it was surgery day Shock 2 now its four weeks on and its been a pretty rough ride at times but i have had some high points and learnt alot.

Things ive learnt:..... Reading

*you can swallow quite alot of foods without them ever having to touch your teeth

*im actually alot braver than i ever realised

*if things get rough, you just cope and get through them, you have no choice

*the hospital staff in high dependancy are wonderful and i cant praise them enough

*being in hospital sucks-alot

*baby food is horrible, but baby cups are very useful!

*i have alot more people that are looking out for me than i realised

High Points Roll

*morphine is fantastic and having a little pump of it attatched to you is the best lol

*wondering if im dead and then realising it would be unlikely id think that if i was!!

*realising that they knew i was bleeding and that once they packed my face i could go back to sleep!

*seeing my mum after surgery and knowing it was over

*persuading the doctor i was going home whether he liked it or not

*being abit spoilt by my mum, and feeling like a kid again

*discovering there was more i could eat than i thought

*having an excuse to plan a holiday for myself (to reward myself for all ive been through!) Airplane

Low Points Rolling Eyes

*freaking out as they were anethising me, i really was so scared

*waking up and having my mouth filling up with blood whilst being alone, and not being able to sit up to get it out

*The second night in hospital when i was exhausted and couldnt sleep

*Finding out i needed tight elastics 24 hours a day, due to my jaw showing signs of relapse

*The swelling getting worse rather than better and then discovering it looks like an infection is in my jaw/the plate.

Im sure theres other things, ill think of that i havent included.


*The right hand side of my face is doing really well, the swelling has pretty much gone. The right side however is a different matter and it still looks like i have an egg in my mouth! Theres also some bruising still on this side.

*The pains fine on the right side, tho i do still get muscle spasms and boney pains from time to time. Again the left side is still very sore and tender to touch.

*in myself, most of the time i feel pretty much ok, the infection is not helping tho, and i have a temperature at times.

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