Thursday, March 6, 2008

another ortho app more news

Annoyed And Disappointed just returned from the ortho and shes already put a powerchain on my teeth, this seems abit soon to me and abit cruel as im still in quite abit of pain from the op and the infection, but guess that she knows best at end of the day.

The infection is still there and in her words is "rumbling" in other words its not got any worse, but no better either. App its now up to me, how long im prepared to wait before they do something about it. (unless it gets worse than they will do something asap) in the hope that it still settles and gets better, tho app thats looking less and less likely now

They think tha either a small piece of bone has been left behind, and is floating about in there, which is exactly what they think caused me all the problems the 1st time round, as a piece of bone splintered off when i had an extraction, or one of the screws has loosened and the plate is moving slightly. worst case is that there is something wrong with my jaw bone itself such as an infection in the bone (hello weeks of antibiotics for the 2nd time in my life.)

The treatment options are that i can either be re-admitted to hospital and have a drain put into my cheek/neck to drain the pus out, along with a course of intervenous antibiotics or i can return to theatre and they reopen up my mouth and hunt around in the hope that they find something. Theres pros and cons to both, so would have to give it some thought. But im leaning towards the surgery option as if they give me antibiotics as if there is a loose screw (i have an excuse to have a screw loose!! lol) then presumably it would have to come out anyway at some point, and i may as well get it over with.

Good news is that im still continuing to keep my teeth very clean :D and that im managing to open my mouth very well so my roms good. So there is some good news in all the bad luck too Jump For Joy

am going to book a holiday for when all this is over, at the moment im leaning towards either Las Vegas Raise or disneyworld Star 16 tho im unsure which yet. Gives me something to plan and look forward to tho, and think thats very important at the moment.

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