Saturday, March 1, 2008

Ok its not funny anymore

woke up on thursday morning and the swelling was worse in my left cheek, i hoped this was just as i had slept abit lower. Buggin

Had an appointment with the ortho, so went along to that and mentioned the swelling to her, she had a look and felt it, then had a look inside my mouth and confirmed there was something oozing behind my back tooth still I Can't

she went to get my surgeon who just happened to be hanging around the department!! and he came in and looked and touched my face, app it now looks like i have an infection around the metal plate put into the left side of my jaw Disappointed 2 tho im suspecting that its always been this and i never had an infection in my cheek at all.

He said that the best thing to do is wait and see what happens as they cannot remove the plate for at least another 4 weeks. As i can taste the pus (again) this means it is draining out rather than acculamating in one place so the hope is it will clear itself naturally and not get any worse. Was just another kick in the teeth (so to speak!) but as ive had so many problems with infections in the past it didnt come as a huge shock either.

If it swells up even more i have to return to the hospital asap for treatment (tho not too sure what treatment is) and it seems to be getting bigger very very slowly at the moment. Main concern is having another general anesthetic of i need the plates removed as thats the bit that scares me the most, and im hoping if it comes to that they can do it under a local.

My ortho tho did compliment me on my cleaning which is always good to hear, and the elastics are doing there job so far in holding my teeth at the correct position, so there was def some good news too. Teethy

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