Thursday, March 13, 2008

How can they forget to take a tooth out??!!

Just been to see the ortho (the head of department no less!) and the good news is that my bites looking pretty good, i do have a couple of teeth that need working on. But braces wise things are looking good.

surgically tho, its been confirmed by the oral surgeon that the plate in the left hand side of my jaw has to be removed, tho it cant be taken out for another few weeks until the bone has had a chance of healing. So its back to antibiotics for me. Got to see the surgeon in another 2 weeks to book a date etc for removal.

The bit thats really peed me off, is that i found out today that the surgeon "forgot" to take out one of my back molars, so now i need that taken out too. Obviously im more concerned by the fact i have to have my jaw re opened but the fact that a highly qualified surgeon can forgot to take a tooth out is abit of a joke. (especially considering it was his idea, and he added it too the consent form minutes before the op) am still hoping that the op can be prefomed under a local anesethic as im now terrified of the thought of another general :( but i dont think there do it under a local, as i should imagine itll be uncomy so soon after 1st op, to have my mouth open whilst they do it.

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