Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Update to the pics...

Here are the progress pics of a month on...

This is the good side (the right ) and im really pleased with this pic as it shows the difference that the op has made to my jaw line and chin, compared with the next photo, which was taken before surgery. You can still see some swelling but alot of its gone down.

Pic taken 10th march 08 (4 weeks post op)

This is a pic i took before surgery, when you compare it too the above one, you can see that i have a much better profile now, so thats a good result.

pic taken 10th feb 2008 (pre op)

This picture is unfortanetly the left hand side (taken at the same time as the 1st pic) and you can see the swelling to my cheek and jaw area (it actually looks much worse than that in real life too!)

Pic taken 1oth March 08 (4 weeks post op)

Think that properly shows why they think theres an infection in there, really doesnt it!

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