Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Getting fed up now....

Thumbs Down 23 days post op and i want everything back to normal, in alot of ways im doing fine now, and i know i should be happy with that.

But im fed up with not being able to eat or talk, itll be at least another 3 weeks before there loosen the bands, enabling me to talk clearly again and the same amount of time until they let me try chewing Crazy im dreaming of sinking my teeth into a pizza or a bread roll, even a sandwich would be excellent at the moment.

Ive always believed that the only thing that stops you doing anything in life is yourself, but it doesnt feel like that at the moment. There is a band playing locally tomorrow night ive waited ages to see and im not going as itll properly get abit rowdy and dont wanna get an elbow etc in the face just yet! Ouch and some of my friends are going to thorpe park on good friday, as there having an extreme sports day and the guys from tvs dirty sanchez are there. (im a big fan) and again no one thought to ask me as "no one thought youd want to go to a theme park so soon" ok i wouldnt have gone on the rides but couldve still come too. Kicking Dirt

At least im in a grumpy mood instead of a upset one, grumpys much more like me! lol Rolly 3

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