Monday, February 25, 2008

2 weeks post op-hmm

Doesnt seem poss its been two whole weeks, the swelling is still as bad tho, so thats peeing me off a little. Tho the swelling in the inside is beginning to go so hopefully thats a good sign. Brows

Since having the tight bands on, things have been rough, i keep clenching my teeth really hard and this causes me quite alot of pain when i try to relax them. Im also getting alot of muscle spasms and nerves jumping-which even wake me up in night sometimes Crazy the clenching is completely out of my control, but it feels like im making a bad situation worse for myself

As soon as i take thh bands off, i can feel the pull of my naughty jaw muscles trying to get there own way and pull my teeth back to the old position, so im abit nervous when i go to the ortho this week she'll put me in even tighter bands, or worse still tell me i cant take them off to eat and ill literally be back to square one food wise.

Im eating pretty well and finding new things to swallow everyday!! As im still not allowed to chew. I ate very well cooked,mushed up pasta with bolognase sauce earlier and ive discovered chocolate buttons and steamed cakes-chocolate really can make anything better!

Still not got the energy to get out very much, tho im making myself take a little trip everyday Thumbs Up

In some ways im really really pleased with my progress, especially on the eating and talking front, then in other ways progress has been a little disappointing. Im still sleeping quite high up, but i figure my body will let me know when its time to go lower.

The infection seems to be clearing up tho great news, and ive not had the horrible taste, or pus at all today and only once yesterday.

Will definately update some new pics very very soon Pink

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