Friday, February 15, 2008

Much worse than i expected

Had my op on monday the 11th and it was much much worse than i expected it to be.

Here goes: (sorry if this scares anyone, i can only tell it as it is.) Shocked

Monday 11th feb 2008

Got to the hopsital at 730am with already a few tears in my eyes, so not the best of starts. Was taken to a ward, where we basically sat for ages. Then the anethetist came and introduced himself to me, and it became apparant that one of the medication i take for anxiety was going to be a problem as it contradicted with alot of other medications Shock 2 add on to this that i have a alergy to ibuprofen type drugs and we had a large problem.

I was anoyed at this, as i had made sure the hospital knew of these problems, way in advance and they had done nothing about it, till the morning of the surgery. Grrr I was told i would be going to theatre in the afternoon, and went down at about 2 pm (so had been sitting in the hospital for 5 hours!!)

So off i was wheeled to the pre op area, where i was asked a million questions again, such as if i had any jewerlly on etc. Then i was taken through into a room containing the anethetist. At this point i started to feel weird and disconnected from what was being done, the needle thingy was put into the back of my hand and i didnt even flinch, then the local anesethic went up my nose, and they all commented on how brave i was being.

Suddenly tho, everything changed, and as the drugs were injected into the back of my hand, i freaked out completely, i remember trying to push the aneaetist away and telling him to stop as i didnt like it, at that point i lost it completely and tryed to push my way up, the last thing i remember is them holding me down, whilst putting the mask over my face. as tramatic as this was, it had to be done and im just glad they got me under the anesthic as quickly as possible.

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