Wednesday, February 6, 2008

5 days ahhhhhh!

Cant quite beleive that the op is so close, and that im getting my surgical hooks tomorrow.

The stress is starting to get to me, i keep getting a stiff neck from tensing my muscles and ive got a whole bunch of ulcers-which is great timing as im sure the hooks tommorrow are gonna have fun cutting into them!

Think im all prepared tho, which is something, ive got a baby toothbrush, and soem baby spoons as there much smaller than the adult versions. Ive also stocked up on soup and food that can be swallowed rather than chewed. Fortanetly as ive had previous smaller ops im well knowledged in what food can be swallows whole and what cannot!

Will update with some new pics of the before surgery views and the hooks soon.

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