Thursday, February 7, 2008

Surgical hooks on

So ive had the surgical hooks put on today, 14 of them! Wasnt expecting that many, but hey ho. App its better to get loads on at this stage, as if they have to add any after surgery its very painful, and they use them for elastics afterwards.

You can just about see the hooks inbetween my teeth on this photo.

There not as bad as i was expecting, tho they are digging in abit and arent exactly pleasent, there not aweful either.

Having them fitted was actually the worse part, as my teeth are abit sensitive at the moment and the archwire had to keep going in and out as they were fitted to the right places on it. Wasnt actually painful but there was alot of pressure and pulling involved.

But its over now, so now its a case of enjoy the weekend and be as prepared as possible for monday (eek!) unfortanetly im not very prepared.

Moods are all over the place at the moment, one minute im taking it well and the next im thinking ahhhhhhhh!

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