Saturday, February 2, 2008

Magic Healing teeth and surgery news

Had the final meeting with my surgeon on Thursday (31st January) so now i know all the lovely details of my op!

Here goes:

  • Lower jaw only-yippee, apparently his assistant got it wrong at the pre-op and although originally the upper was on the cards, it has not been since September and she should not have told me this-hmm.

  • Its an 13mm advancement of the lower jaw that is needed.

  • I will need the lower wisdom teeth taken out definitely as from the xrays they will be in the way of the operation site and are impacted anyway. He may also “whip out” (his words!) the top wisdoms while he's in there, and i also need my back upper molar taken out, as when my jaw is advanced all it will do is bite onto the fleshy part at the back of my mouth-so a possibility of loosing 5 teeth then-nice! Tho im not concerned by the wisdom teeth, am a little sad about the molar as its a perfectly healthy tooth-but hey if its gotta go its gotta go! Lol.

  • He hopes to not have to wire my teeth, but (why is there always a but?) as i have had 2 previous surgery's on my jaw bone in the same area and my jaw bone is known to be weak from a previous infection, there is a concern that the jaw will not break favourably for him, and then the internal fixation may need to be supported by wiring off my teeth-fingers crossed this doesn't happen. Apparently he has never had this happen to him in the 10 years he's been preforming this surgery, so im sure he doest want me to spoil his perfect record either!

  • I need to be at the hospital at 7am on the 11th February, and will go into theatre at some point in the morning, then onto intensive care or high dependency for one to one nursing. Then the next morning will be transferred to a normal ward, where he will come and see me. If by that point i am drinking and going to the loo, by myself he will discharge me. He likes to discharge the next morning if he can, but sometimes an extra day is required, but apparently you have to help yourself at this point and drink etc if you want to go home.

  • Puréed food for a couple of weeks, then onto soft chew/fork smash able, tho the exact details depend on how well my surgery goes.

I have been one of the very very lucky ones, so far tho. As originally i was scheduled for upper surgery to correct an open bite and narrow palette (which has somehow managed to correct itself after 28 years) he thinks this is down to the amazing work of my ortho, i like to think i have magic self healing teeth! Lol ;) a bone graft, 4 wisdom teeth removal and lower jaw surgery. So i have managed to nearly half the amount of work needed-thanks teeth, and ok ill admit the ortho may have a little to do with it!

So that's that i guess. Next appointment is on Thursday 7th February to have the surgical hooks on, and then its surgery on the 11th.

Am starting to get anxious, part of me wants it over with now and part of me wants the next 9 days to go very very slowly!

Am eating everything hard i can find! Yesterday i had gingerbread, bread with seeds in it, hard crisps and a chocolate bar.

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