Sunday, February 17, 2008

6 days post op

Not such a good day today, am getting abit fed up. Think its a combination of finding it quite hard to sleep, as i have a mountain of pillows to contend with, and keep waking myself up trying to roll onto my side and generally being in pain and discomfort. Dismay

Pain wise-i get:

* the occasional nervey shooting pain, in my jaw, which is pretty bad but short lasting.
* a dull aching pain in my jaw
* a weird pins and needles type pain in my lips and mouth
* strange itching sensations that i cant get rid of, as i cant feel myself scratch them!!
* My neck is one of the worst parts as this is where most of the swelling and bruising is, i have a permantly stiff neck that hurts to move my head

Eating im doing pretty well:
* ready break (like porridge)
* weetabix squashed into lots of milk
* yoghurts
* mousses
* lots of soups
* mashed potato, with gravy and cheese (not at the same time!!)
* i even managed a shepherds pie, with lots of extra gravy, as i could just swallow it, if mashed down enough :)

So im pretty pleased with my progress on that front so far. Way To Go

Feels in a way that its been longer ago, then 6 days, tho i feel like my progress has been very slow, tho i guess this hasnt been helped by the unexpected happenings in the hospital.

Looking good!! The swelling is actually getting worse, along with the bruising. I look abit like hamster with a severly bad double chin at the moment Lol. The worst of the bruising is under my chin, and as it hurts so much to move my head up, im unable to get a good photo of it yet.
This pic shows how i seem to have developed a pretty impressive double chin in less than a week. Under the hanging down bit is a pretty impressive bruise, looking just like ive tried to hang myself!!-marvellous!!

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D Kray said...

hang in there. i saw your post on the "February Braces Poll" post on ArchWired, dated 8 Feb & wanted to check in.