Friday, February 22, 2008

Meeting with surgeon-good news and bad

Had my first proper meeting with the surgeon who preformed my op yday.

Good news: Woohoo
The infection is actually in my cheek and not my op site, app ive bitten a chunk of as its numb, and its got infected and icky.
Im managing to keep my teeth and mouth pretty clean, considering im still to swallon to brush anything like properly.
In myself im doing well.

Bad news: Indifference
My jaw muscles are pulling my bite back out of line, i now have a small openbite and overjet back again, that were not there immediately after surgery
Due to the above i am now in tight bands that mean i cant open my mouth at all, whilst wearing them.
Im now in more pain then i was before attending the appointment.

I saw my xray and the difference from before is amazing (in a good way) tho it was abit freaky to see my jaw with big gaps in the bone. (13mm advancement) it was also surprising to me how big the plates were.

My ortho app was also yday and that went fine, she just went over with me how to change the bands, how to clean my teeth and the operation sites etc. I have to go back next thursday to check on my progress.

Felt abit down when i got home, and had a few tears, but soon picked myself up and figured i had to get on with it, as its better to be banded shut for a few weeks then face a complete relapse. Guess it just feels like ive taken a step backwards in my recovery and thats whats getting me down. Also tired all the time still, and thats not helping as i want to be doing abit more now, and just dont have the energy yet.

Feel slightly happier today, but the bands are still hurting and feel abit like they are pulling my teeth out Buggin im hoping tho its like anything on this journey and itll just take a few days to get used to it, and then itll be fine.

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