Wednesday, February 20, 2008

9 days post op

Cant believe its been a week since i came home from hospital. In myself im feeling abit better, im able to do most things, ive been out to the shop a couple of times, tho im still very very tired. Im getting my sense of humour back to, tho i cant smile or laugh really as it causes me quite alot of pain.

Had a major scare yesterday, when i bent over and suddenly had all this liquid in my mouth, when i spat it into a hanky it was horrible smelling yellowly ooze, coming i think from one of the wisdom teeth extraction sites Shock 2 its continued to ooze on and off a little but nearly stopped now.

I called the hospital, but as i have an appointment with my surgeon tomorrow morning (hes not there today) and no raised temperature, its been decided unless it gets any worse ill keep to that appointment.

Pain wise, its still pretty bad, and i keep getting itches and nerves jumping at night which is anoying but all obviously good signs at the same time. The swelling is still about the same as it was, and the bruising is still getting worse (and more multi coloured!! ) i will take some more pics later and update.

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