Monday, April 21, 2008

10 weeks after surgery :)

So its a full 10 weeks ago, since i was laying in high dependancy with my friendly morphine pump! The jaw surgery doesnt seem that bad, now, looking back on it. Not sure id go through it again, but guess having the plate removed will bring back all the happy memories! LOL

Feel fed up today, as hate the feeling lifes on hold now until the next op. Really wanted to go to disney before op, but cant find any cheap packages, till the week of my op, which is just bloody typical.

Ive been abit naughty in the last few days and have been biting on my front teeth. It felt really really weird as its been 10 weeks since i chewed anything and ive never been able to bite on my front teeth as over jet was so bad. Doesnt seem to have done me any harm and its a boost to my morale at least.

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