Thursday, April 17, 2008

Got my date for Plate removal : ) yay!!

Saw my surgeon today and he booked me in to have my plates taken out on the 14th May. Am so so happy to have an actual date, which seems really really odd, but its just a huge relief to know its all gonna be over soon.

Am already scared about the general anesethic, but am hoping as its a quicker operation than the original that the anesethic used will be different and i wont have a bad reaction to it. Fingers crossed anyways.

My surgeon was really nice today, and for the 1st time he actually managed to make out where the pus was coming out from, as before the infection has been very visable from the outside, but not from the inside. Now a bubble has become apparent in the crease of my cheek, which the pus erupts from when it can no longer be contained inside.

Realised i hadnt posted any pics of how my teeth look now, so this is one from the front of my teeth complete with guiding elastics:
The swelling is not too evident on this pic, but its still there, tho it has gone done after taking the antibiotics.
Im very very happy with my bite so far!!

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