Sunday, April 13, 2008

Wisdom tooth gone...finally

Had an appointment with the ortho on thursday, so as my face was swelling i called the hospital and asked if i could see one of the surgical team at the same time.

I saw Mark, (another surgeon) first and he said that he wants the plates (yep thats right both of them), out now asap. He gave me some really strong antibiotics that app can make your tummy pretty unwell, so im drinking probiotic drinks like there going out of fashion! The antibiotics are actually used in the treatment of mrsa, so am bit worried theres something hes not telling me. Spoke to him about the wisdom tooth removal and he still seemed pretty sure he could do it, but left the final decision up to me. Hes made the actual surgeon who preformed the op, squeeze me into his clinic on thursday, so that the removal of the plates can be scheduled.

Then on to the ortho, she took the surgical hooks etc off the bottom jaw, which was pretty painful, but nice to get them removed. Then she put a powerchain on the front 6 top teeth, as some gaps had opened up there. The ortho appointment went well and i get the feeling theres just some "tidying up" left to do now.


Mark got me staight into surgery as he didnt want to make me any more nervous, sitting about. The anesethic went in realitively easily, tho the one into the roof of my mouth was bit nasty. Then he said he was just poking to see if the anesethic was working, which i realised in one place it wasnt, as i could feel it, so another injection later and feeling like the inside of my mouth was huge, on he went. He claimed to just be "pushing" the tooth, to see the condition of it etc, but as the pain in my lower jaw got pretty bad, he stopped for a few seconds and i could tell that he was actually trying to remove the tooth, as i could taste the blood. There was then a few seconds of extreme pushing, which wasnt nice but didnt hurt either (tho i was in serious pain from the lower jaw) and then it was over. It turned out that he had been unable to use the normal method if extraction, as i just couldnt open my mouth enough, so had to dig the tooth out.

Then came the gauze, which was ok, tho a nightmare for him to remove from my braces! And the bleeding wasnt too bad at all. As they sat me up i felt faint, and went a funny colour, so i was quickly layed back down, and wet towels were placed on my head and face as i was REALLY hot. Laid there for a few minutes, then they gradually sat me up, and this time i felt ok. I was shown the tooth, which was massive. Then they kept me there abit longer to check i was ok, and let me stand up, whilst the doc held his arms out to catch me if i fainted! lol. :)

Once i got home, i slept for a couple of hours. The pains not been to bad, but the lower jaws hurting too.

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