Wednesday, January 9, 2008

January 10th 2008
Side view of my teeth, in my opinion my teeth are looking pretty straight now, the overjet is still very obvious, tho this will be corrected by the surgery.

January 9th 2008
Had a pretty good xmas and new year, and now my operation is only 4 weeks away. To be honest im starting to get very scared indeed. Especially as after my excitement at the surgeons in September i forgot to find out if my wisdom teeth are still coming out and if the bone graft is still necesssary. My orthodontist “thinks” it says on my records that the wisdom teeth are still coming out, but isnt 100% sure.

Lots of hospital appointments in the following weeks:

17th Jan-Orthodontist, for adjustment, passive archwires, more impressions, xrays etc etc
23rd Jan-Preop appointment, blood tests etc
31st Jan-Meet With the surgeon again, this time will ask exactly what the plan is lol
7th Feb-Orthodontist to have surgical hooks put on (sounds like fun)
11th Feb-7am admitted to St Richards for the operation.

So a busy few weeks for me.

9th December 2007
Pain has got really bad and only in one tooth so im off to the emergency dentist.....
outcome not too good, looks like i have an area of infection under the tooth and the pressure of the braces is making a bad situation worse. May need a root canal which could cause me problems as its critical that this tooth moves into place. Hmm.
Will take the antibiotics and hope that it gets better and settles at least for now.

6th December 2007
Oww! Bad orthodontist appointment today, i had a set of impressions done and for some reason some of my teeth are becoming very very sensitive, and as she removed the tray it hurt so much i thought i was going to cry :(
then i had a thicker archwire put on the bottom complete for hooks for the elastics (great a new thing to cut my mouth to shreds!) and an elastic and power chain put onto the bottom teeth once again. Even as i was walking home the pain was very very bad and i began to wonder if something was wrong, as the night went on the pain got worse and even a drink or three did little to help.

25th October 2007
Another ortho appointment today, pretty routine really, just adjustments to the archwire and a tighter power chain put on the bottom teeth. : (

25th September 2007
Had a great time at eurodisney and my weeks continues fun as tonight im off go karting, bit worried about banging my face inside the helmet but sure it'll be fine. Feel abit bad tho as mum and Tim (the boyfriend) have organised all these great things for me to do, expecting the surgery to be soon and its been put back again, oh well! Lol.
Thorpe Park tomorrow!!

13th September 2007

Found out today that i only need the lower jaw operating on, as in the surgeons words, “the orthodontist has done such a good job im not prepared to operate on the upper jaw any more”
I am so HAPPY, i actually told the surgeon that i love him!!!
Unfortunately i was so happy i didn't ask any of the questions i was planning to, but never mind.
One bit of bad news today is that my op has been put back again to the 11th February 2008 as there is still one tooth that the surgeon is not happy with the placement of.
Before i left i was booked in for various appointments in Jan and for the operation itself.
Now time to get ready for eurodisney, one things for certain im going to have a BIG smile on face for a while now.

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