Friday, January 25, 2008

Pre Op appointment

Had my pre op for jaw surgery on Thursday the 23rd and it didnt all go exactly to plan....

firstly my pulse was very high, so they sent me for an ECG to check heart out, am waiting to hear back on the results of this, so fingers crossed im just one of those people with a higher than average pulse rate.

Then after all the normal health checks and a million questions, the nurse started to fill in the consent form for surgery and i discovered in my notes it says that i could still need both the upper and lower jaw doing, this shocked me abit as, as far as i was concerned it was now definately bottom jaw only : ( yet here i was signing that i agreed to have them both done.

Get to see my surgeon this thursday so hopefully he can clear things up for me, but for now im a little upset and very confused as to whats going on. And it looks like ill be going into surgery not knowing if its one jaw or both.

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